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All kinds of flexible packaging, complete function.

Professional equipment

The company has professional equipment and production team

PACKTOP LAMINATED PACKING CO., LTD. Is Located in Gao Ming district,Fo Shan city,  GuangDong province, nearby Gao Ming Road,, about 70km from Guangzhou city, and 15mins from Fo Shan Port by car. PACKTOP LAMINATED PACKING CO., LTD. is established in 2017 which was located at Heshan City of Jiangmeng. Due to the company`s development, we moved to Gaoming city in 2020. And the first investment 5 millions RMB which takes 12000 square meter land area with 4000 square meter construction area including beautiful workshops for closed production. The plant was designed and built according with international standard which is environmental friendly, clean ,Hygiene and safety.

PACKTOP LAMINATED PACKING CO., LTD. mainly produced flexible printing packaging for food, beverage, snack, meat, cosmetic, detergent etc , these products range from Flat bottom bag (8 side sealed zipper bag), spout pouch, stand up pouch with zipper, slider zipper bag, higher barrier retort pouch with transparency, high barrier packaging, vacuum packaging, lidding film, frozen packaging etc. all these have been approved by USA, European, Australia, Japan, NZ, Africa customers.

Our mission : Protecting the earth and creating a permanent and good living environment for human beings is the pursuit and obligation of all of our earthlings. Since its establishment, PACKTOP LAMINATED PACKING CO., LTD. has been continuously developing biodegradable packaging and recyclable packaging, replacing ordinary non-biodegradablepackaging, All our effort in order to achieve green packaging. The biodegradable composite packaging materials are all degradable in the home or compost category, which can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in 3-6 months by compost or buried in the land, activated sludge or seawater. Recyclable packaging adopts a single material for printing and composite, which has a certain barrier and can be recycled for reuse.

Under the leadership of PACKTOP LAMINATED PACKING CO., LTD. ,all the staff insist on "Quality first, Customer first," Principle, with high-quality technology, management and perfect testing means to ensure the stable production of high-quality products and continuous technological innovation.

  Obtained China QS certification in 2021.

Packtop company`s focus on “ Save Customer Cost, Solve Customer Problem” as working target and provide the best service to customers.

Printing Equipment/Quality Checking Equipment: 2 lines 10 color gravure printing machines & 1 automatic quality inspection machines, The printing machine can do reverse printing matt vanish, de-metallised and holographic transfer finished.

Dry Lamination/Free sovlent Lamination machine: one dry lamination machine and one free solvent machine which can laminate a variety of materials together

Bag making machines: several bag making machines, such as flat bottom bag making machine, quad seal bag making machine, stand up pouch bag making machine, three side sealed bag making machine, center sealed bag making machine, automatic spout fixed machines etc…

Slitting machine:The company has 1 high-speed slitting machines, can provide customers with automatic packaging machine roll film

Packtop company research & develop team with over 20 years flexible packing professional experience and can produce different kind of packaging; all these export to domestic & overseas which trusted by customers. Here, we deeply appreciate all customers support to us! Thank you been with us and we can overcome all difficulties then have the opportunity to develop the packaging you need.

Packtop company always insist on quality & customer first operation principle , and train working staff the standard request to improve the quality system which control well whole production & inspection procedures, then to ensure the packaging products safety & quality stability. While with the powerful explore capacity, we also have our own lab & requisite inspection equipments. From the raw material to semi-products and finished products, each process will be checked and monitor the product qualified & safety to ensure qualified products to customers.

Strict monitor makes stable quality.

Rigorous approach, delicate instrument, after received the order until customer check the quality, for each process, we keep rigorous approach and strictly control the packaging safety according with HACCP, meantime, by the computer system to control, monitor and coordinate the whole situation; by the barcode test to ensure the packaging can be use in the market; by the gas chromatography to avoid non-conform with the hygiene standards products and finally produced the perfect packaging.

Gas chromatography: test raw material or semi-products of printing & lamination or finished products’ solvent retention confirm to national standard or EU standard, make sure the packaging is harmless to people.

Tensile machine: test the tensile properties of raw materials confirm to using standard or not. Test lamination bond strength of lamination semi-production confirm to requested strength or not; test the heat seal is enough to make sure the packaging not leakage and then ensure the inside product shelf life.

C.O.F test machine: test the C.O.F of films and ensure the customer safely use the packaging film.

High-temp. Retort pot: Simulate test retort packaging broken & leakage or not under customer production situation to ensure the packaging is qualified and meet customer’s request.

Barcode scan test machine: test the barcode available or not during the printing and ensure it can be used in the market.

WVTR tester: test different kind of raw material OTR to ensure the material can be achieves the requested shelf life and choose the reasonable cost.

OTR tester: test different kind of raw material WVTR to ensure the material can be achieves the requested shelf life and choose the reasonable cost. 

To ensure the safety & people health during production, prevent the contamination from outside and all workshop are closed build. Fixed with air-clean system and scientific design the human & material out & in channel, and equipped with ultraviolet disinfection facilities, strictly control the workshop sanitary safety to ensure the product hygienic security.

Service promise

l  Our promise is to be an efficient packaging expert since the factory established. We promise to save cost for our customer by technology improved and also environment friendly. Packaging, it is not only a word, the main important is that we think for our customers and solve & supply “cloth” for customer’s products.

l  We deeply noted that the good packaging is not only protecting your products, but also protect your company image & reputation, this is Packtop`s continuous mission – supply the FDA approved packaging for our customer to fight.

l  To be a permanent strategic partner and solve the packaging cost & packaging need & facing the possible market change with our customer side by side. This is our strategic target and hope we can be permanent union, not just a passer-by. We will work hard for this target.

We have lead team with more than 20 years experience in flexible packaging, all full with work & live enthusiasm. They are with active mind and have the courage to innovation. In they mind, no difficulty can stop them and always absorb in industry knowledge. They are united together and insist on the product quality and customer cost to be fist thinking, continuous innovation and loyally service for company. They without bureaucratic, so we can give satisfy answers to our customers with fast speed & cost advantages under good quality.

  • Focus On Quality

    Since its inception, it has been consistent and focused on research and development, with quality as its belief, and insisting on integrating packaging into a new style of perfect life.
  • Continuous Innovation

    Consistently invest, discover the needs of life, and use innovation to facilitate people's lives.
  • Advocate Environmental Protection

    It is our responsibility to lead the industry to promote the benefit of society, starting from the details, using recyclable and degradable materials to protect the environment.
  • Charity

    Caring about social welfare and helping the disadvantaged groups in society



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